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Prevent Hydraulic Problems

Prevent problems by taking care of your plumbing

Like any mechanical system, the need for plumbing repairs will occur from time to time. However, taking care of your plumbing and fixing small problems early can help prevent major problems from happening. Sunderland Plumber offers plumbing installations and repairs. They share some helpful tips that can help prevent plumbing problems.

Prevent Hydraulic Problems
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Be aware of what goes down the drain

What you drain into the kitchen sink can have a significant impact on your plumbing system. Bits of food, dirt, hair and grease can get stuck in the drain and cause plumbing problems.

Never pour cooking grease down the drain. This includes cooking oil and grease, and even rinsing a greased pan. The grease will harden as it cools and builds up in the pipes. Instead, pour the fat into a container and throw it in the trash. Clean overly greasy pots and pans with a paper towel or rag before rinsing in the sink.

Use a drain screen

Drain screens are an inexpensive way to protect your clogged drains and pipes. Place one in the kitchen sink, bathtub, and shower to prevent bits of food, hair, soap bits and other small items from being thrown down the drain. Drain screens are an inexpensive and easy way to prevent plumbing clogs and backups.

Avoid chemical cleaners that are harmful to drains. Store-bought drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can damage pipes. While it can help remove a clog, overuse can corrode pipes and cause more significant problems down the road. Instead, try a non-toxic homemade drain cleaner. If that doesn’t work, contact Sunderland Urgent Plumber to unblock and clean the drain for you.

Do not over-operate the sink faucet handles

When you close the tap, be careful not to operate the handles more than necessary to turn off the water. So, if you are too vigorous in tightening the faucet handles, you can wear out the small washers inside them and cause damage. Elbow handles are a common cause of leaking faucets.

Prevent frozen pipes

Frozen pipes can cause water leaks or pipes bursting. Make sure the pipes insulate along the outer wall. Urgent Plumber Sunderland recommends turning off only the external hose tap and allowing it to freeze in the winter. If you are away from home, ask your babysitter to turn on the taps when they check the house. Running the taps will help detect a frozen pipe. In addition, moving water will help prevent freezing in the hydraulic system.

Plumbers in Sunderland

In case of problems with the plumbing system, rely on Sunderland Plumbing professionals. They are a family business with years of service in Sunderland and surrounding areas. Plumbing Service Sunderland is committed to providing prompt, friendly and also quality service for all plumbing installations and repairs.

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